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Colour matching is a really useful feature of FLP.
Can I get a printout of the Text tab to show both the coloured matches and the non-matching content? Currently, pressing File > print while the Text tab is selected produces the same output as the Hits tab - only the matches are shown.
Similarly for the Reports tab, selecting Contents and using either of the HTML options only shows the matches, not the rest of the file.

If this is not possible, please add to the Feature request log.


PS as a small bugette / feature ;), the HTML reports do not display the different colour matches - they all show as blue.

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This appears to be related to a query from a couple of years ago:

1 Answer

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It's not currently possible to print out the Text tab but I'll add it as a feature request.

The HTML export from the Reports tab should display colour in the more recent versions but it's not yet moved to the 'Export Results' option yet.

If you're finding that the Reports Tab HTML is not printing with different background colours click on the Page Setup settings button where there is an option to Print Background Colors and Images

IE Print Settings

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The Reports tab displays correctly but the matches only show in blue when printed, presumably because it uses the export results.
I'm using build 2736.
Added info on IE Print Settings.
Thanks - that did the trick.