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My use case is using file locator pro to index search source code.

I'd like to index it for faster searching, but having tried it, the "word breaking" for the indexing doesn't seem to cope with computer code.

Whereas in text, searching for "Mythic" means it being found in the text with a space or linebreak either side, or a fullstop or comma after - for software it's more complex but still doable, it just needs the "break" for a word to take note of various cases like:

  • mything.Mythic="Mythic"
  • !Mythic
  • mything.Mythic.Value
  • etc.

When I tried using an index, it didn't hit the cases above, whereas the expert search of course did.

Any chance we can have this added for indexing?

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1 Answer

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Custom text analysis is something planned for the next major release.

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