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As part of a company legal case I have been asked for search for any file that matches a list of SHA and MD5 hash values. How do I do that?

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1 Answer

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Using FileLocator Pro here are the steps to search by hash value.

Step 1: Create a text file with the list of hash values you wish to search for, e.g. a text file called:


Step 2: Select the hash algorithms that you are matching against in the Configuration settings:

File hashing settings

Step 3: Create the search loading the hash file.

Search file hashes

Step 4: Run the search.

I recommend that you first test your search on a small sub folder with some known hits before trying to run the search on a large folder. Also to speed up the search you can limit the file hashing to certain file types using the File name field, e.g. to match the hashes for only DOC and DOCX files you'd use something like this:

File name: *.doc;*.docx

More information

You don't have to use a text file, you can instead specify a comma separate list of values in the Containing text field, e.g.

Containing Text: CD06F2DB6BB60AD9346143AFFF99461A36D86ED6,57B359BA6BA0FB10792BDB01B5AA04BA11597F25,FDFA50F2D6C25434CA0B37AC652CF6D3D863199C,BA932FBBE34A3E76CCFC4C74755A5B64AB79119E

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