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I frequently search directories and subdirectories which all have a ".svn" subfolder. I don't particularly need Agent Ransack to search those. Trying to exclude each individual /.svn/ directory would be tedious at best. Is there a way to do this via wildcards?
Thank You!

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1 Answer

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Agent Ransack doesn't have the location filter functionality but with FileLocator Pro you can exclude search paths based on expressions, e.g. to exclude any path with .svn in it:

Look In: C:\My\Source\Code;-.svn

The '-.svn' will exclude any location that has .svn in it. Similarly you can limit a search to paths that only contain a given term, e.g. to only include paths with security in the name

Look In: C:\My\Source\Code;+security

You can also use expression types with the location filters, e.g. using a Boolean expression to exclude either Debug or Release folders

Look In: C:\My\Source\Code;-:bool:debug OR release

or, using a regular expression to exclude anything with a number

Look In: C:\My\Source\Code;-:regex:[0-9]

Finally, you can combine multiple filters, e.g. to include all security folders but exclude archive folders

Look In: C:\My\Source\Code;+security;-archive
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