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The following windows command line is being used to perform a search:

C:\Portable\FileLocatorPro\FileLocatorPro.exe -idxname MyIndexName -r -c "invoices"

Is it possible to specify a folder location to exclude from index using the Index Manager?

If not, is it possible to filter a folder location (e.g. "E:\Archive") using the command line?

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1 Answer

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In the index location use the 'Specific locations' as you would the Look In field, e.g. to index the 'E' drive but exclude the Archive folder:

Exclude folder

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That's perfect for permanent folder location exclusions. Thank you.

If someone wanted to temporarily exclude a folder location from a search, could it be filtered from the command line?

I was able to find documentation on how to do it via the GUI here: http://help.mythicsoft.com/filelocatorpro/en/persistent_search_filters.htm
Not at the moment, all files in the index are searched. In future more control over which files are searched will be available.