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The first line of the Hits tab shows the file name and some file metadata (e.g., size).

For me, it would be very helpful to also show the number of hits for that file.
For example, it might be shown on that first line, or alternatively, on the status-bar at the very bottom of the FLP window. The status bar could also show the total number of hits.

I realize the hit counts are shown in the Reports tab, but that's not as convenient to access.

This is just a suggestion.

Thanks for making a great tool! I recently changed jobs, and one of the first things I did at my new job was to get a copy of FLP.


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It's not possible to add hits at the moment, what purpose are you using it for in the Hits tab, e.g. printing or viewing?
Hi Dave,
I'm interested in having the hit-count for a file be visible while viewing.
Here's my use-case:
a) Do a search, and the search-results list the files with hits, in the left-hand pane.
b) In the left-hand pane, I select each file, and look at the hits in the Hits tab (in the right-hand pane).  What I'd like to know is how many hits there are for the file I've selected.   
The only way to do that now is to look in the Reports tab, which lists hits for each file.  This is cumbersome when having to do this for each file.  (BTW:  Also, in the Reports tab, the hit count is usually not initially visible, and requires a horizontal scroll to see it.)

Thanks for considering this request for a new feature.  I realize you're not Santa Clause, and cannot implement every feature requested.

In case you didn't know there is a 'hits' column in the left-hand list. However, I'll add your request to our Issue Tracker.
Great--I didn't see the hits column.  It was off the screen.
I moved it next to the file name.
That solves the problem I was having.  I'll retract my feature request.

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FWIW there is also a Hit Lines field in the same pane showing the number of rows matching the search criteria.
Enable it by right clicking the column header, click Select columns, then check the Hit Lines box.

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