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Hello, I upgraded my system form Windopws 7 32-bit to Windows 10 64-bit. Now when searching within a specified group of folders (Look In:), Agent Ransack searches the older folders first, regardless of the listed order.

Look In: Z:\Cert Files\Certs 2017\;Z:\Cert Files\Certs 2016\;Z:\Cert Files\Certs 2015\;Z:\Cert Files\Certs 2014\;

It will search in Certs 2014, then 2015, then 2016, etc.

I have reversed the order and even mixed up the order eg: 2015;2014;2017;2016; regardless it searches thru the files in 2014 first.

I'm thinking I'm missing a setting somewhere.

Thanks in advanced.

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Agent Ransack searches the items listed in the Look In field in alphabetic order. You can change this by manually editing the config.xml file (Configuration->Folders->Configuration files).

Find the section Options and add OptimizeLocationSortOrder with an attribute n="0", e.g.

<section name="Options">
    <OptimizeLocationSortOrder n="0"/>
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I wonder how I enabled this setting thru the GUI within our old installation. This worked perfectly, thank you.