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I'm writing a VBScript to search for patterns in MS documents Visual Basic modules and return the results per file to the GUI of FLP, and hopefully in a way where the following will be shown separatly in columns (as I've collected this info doing the search):

  • Project
  • Name
  • Components
    • Name
    • Lines
      • Modules
        • Name
        • Found Text
        • Start Line
        • End Line
        • Start Column
        • End Column

Basically I'd like above to be returned to FLP as one row of columns per found pattern - is that doable - to return rows of columns to FLP, or maybe return an array, and if so, could someone maybe show a simple script returning a couple of rows of columns?

Many thanks in advance.


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The easiest way to 'import' data into FLP is to change the 'Extension Interpreter' for the file. By default FLP includes interpreters for Microsoft Office extensions which convert the file types into searchable text. However, you can replace the interpreter with a custom interpreter if you'd like alternative text returned.

You can create a custom extension using either a COM based plug-in or via an external command:

This second method could be used to fire-off a VBScript for each MS Document to produce the desired text. To speed up the searches you could also switch on Caching so that the script is only run when the file changes.

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