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When searching for contents within files using boolean search strings we receive multiple error and warning messages, sometimes in the thousands. Some of the error messages are listed below. We are running scans as local Administrator on the systems in question when these errors are generated. Are there any flpro config settings that would lower the number of these types of error and warning messages?

Err: Permission denied. Retrieving compressed document file - Additional: Loading next interpreter for compressed doc failed. 0x80040203 (0x0) - :274

Err: Crc is mismatched. Closing compressed doc Err: Crc is mismatched. Retrieving compressed document file - Additional: Loading next interpreter for compressed doc failed. 0x80040203 (0x0) - :274

Unable to search file. Opening file: C:\xxxx\xxxxx.xxx failed. 0x80040c07 (0x20) - :251

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1 Answer

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It all depends on the types of errors/warnings. An error indicates that the file wasn't searched and a warning indicates that a search was performed but not via the preferred method. Most errors fall into one of the following categories:

  • Invalid format, which could be either a corrupted file or something like a DOCX file but has a .PDF extension.
  • Invalid permissions, the file couldn't be read due to access permissions, either at the file system level or at the format level (e.g. PDF copy protection).
  • Disk space issues

Unfortunately each error is different. In your case a CRC error implies an invalid format but we'd need more information on the file to know the actual problem.

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We are using flpro to remove files that no longer need to be on certain computers.  When we see the error list of files, we have no way of knowing if those files contain the data that should not be on the computer.  So it is not the error list itself that is problem just that we would like to know why certain file types (doc, docx, pdf, pptx, etc.) generate errors when we are running the scans as administrator.  some of the error message are easy to understand, but others leave us wondering why flpro could not open them.
It's tricky to know without seeing the files. Most file servers that have been around for a while tend to pick up a load of rubbish. If you want to send a problem file to support@mythicsoft.com someone will look into it for you.