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I have 2 PDF's (bank statements), both contain my name and address.
Agent Ransack can find part of my address in both, but only finds my name in one document.
I have tried searching for part of my name, etc, no joy.
Windows 10 64bits
Agent Ransack 2016
Build 865 - 2016.10.19.45457 (x64)

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Not all PDFs convert to text cleanly. It's something that is constantly being improved so keep checking back for updates. If you'd like more information on specific PDFs please send a sample to support@mythicsoft.com and they can analyse the PDF.

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Yes Dave, I agree with you that "Not all PDFs convert to text cleanly."
So knowing this fact it may be useful to place a disclaimer for non-technical users of Agent Ransack (and perhaps your other products) stating that searches inside PDF documents may produce incomplete results.