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I'm a relative newcomer to Agent Ransack after several years using Everything. I'm considering dropping the latter because this otherwise excellent free program is proving unreliable on my Win 10 PC in keeping its data base updated in the background.

But although I'm enthusiastic about Agent Ransack at this early stage, one important facility seems missing, namely searching for folders.

Therefore I'd appreciate knowing whether the FileLocator Pro or Lite programs can do so and a brief summary of any other significant distinctions between these and Agent Ransack.

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For information on searching only folders please see the answer to this question:
How do you search for ONLY folders in Agent Ransack?

FileLocator Pro == Agent Ransack

Q . Since FileLocator Pro and Agent Ransack are in fact the same product why have two names?

A . It is a bit odd but maybe a short history of the product will help explain:

Apr 2000 - The first version of the product was released under the name Agent Ransack.
Apr 2003 - A Pro version of Agent Ransack was released under the name FileLocator Pro.
Mar 2010 - Due to the discomfort from some people over the name Agent Ransack an alternative rebranded version named FileLocator Lite is released.
May 2018 - FileLocator Pro adds a new feature that can downgrade itself to 'Lite' mode.
Sep 2019 - Agent Ransack adds a new feature so that it can upgrade itself to 'Pro' mode.

The end result is that we now have a single code base for the product, which is much easier to maintain, but two product names, which is potentially confusing. Over the next few years we'll carefully monitor the demand for both names and hopefully retire one eventually. If you'd like more information on the change please see this blog post.

Q . Does it matter which one I purchase for the Pro version?

A . No, the Pro license codes for FileLocator Pro and Agent Ransack are interchangable, ie you can use a FileLocator Pro license with Agent Ransack and vice-versa.

A feature comparison list for Pro and the Lite versions is available here:
Feature Comparison

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Thanks Dave, understood.

(So Agent Ransack and FileLocator Lite are identical, just different names for marketing purposes!)
Yes, Agent Ransack was the very first product created back in 2000 but as it was increasingly being used in the corporate sector a friendly name was needed, hence the FileLocator Pro/Lite name.