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Issue details: I am searching on a number of files at different paths to find any errors on last 30 minutes but because some of the file are very long ie created date in 2010 so it displays the Hits from 2010 and the latest 2016 error lines are truncated. One way to displays all lines is to increase 'Max displayed lines Per File' but that slows down everything.

Is there any way to reverse the display of text content is HIT tab so I can see the latest errors first?

So far I have tried Agent Ransack and FileLocator Pro but could not find such an option.



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1 Answer

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You can't reverse the hits but you can specify to search AFTER a certain number of lines, e.g. to find all instances of 'mythicsoft' from line 500 until the end of the file you could do this:

Containing Text: LINES:500+ mythicsoft
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Thanks Dave but selecting Line number does not work for as all the files are different in size and some have less lines then others.

Is there any way to truncate the lines from the start if the maximum lines exceed 10,000?
Not yet, but I'll add your suggestion to our Issue Tracker.