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It is possible to run a search based on the results of a previous search. For example, run a batch process to find a list of numbers and then search another location for any occurrences of those numbers.

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1 Answer

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Since FileLocator Pro can accept parameters in the form of a link to a text file you can export your keyword hits from the first search and reimport them for a second search.

To do this as a batch process you'd run something like this:

Stage 1: Search for all 4 digit numbers and save them in a file called FirstStageKeywords.txt

flpsearch.exe -d "C:\Program Files\Mythicsoft" -f "*.txt" -c "\b[0-9]{4}\b" -cex -o "e:\FirstStageKeywords.txt" -ofxslt "C:\Program Files\Mythicsoft\FileLocator Pro\Sample Transforms\unique_hits_only.xsl"

Stage 2: Search for all numbers in the file FirstStageKeywords.txt populated in Stage 1

flpsearch.exe -d "C:\Different\Location" -f "*.txt" -c "=e:\FirstStageKeywords.txt"

More information

You can do the same thing in the FileLocator Pro GUI using either the same XSLT custom format or the Keywords by File Report to generate the keywords for use in the second search.


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