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0 votes

I must have clicked the wrong button somewhere :o(
I swear that Agent Ransack used to list, in the left pane, all files containing specified text strings, e.g.
enter image description here

. . . but now it only shows only one file when in fact there's another file with the same string in a subfolder.

What am I doing wrong?

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1 Answer

0 votes

Without the relevant files nor the whole search criteria it's pretty hard to diagnose the issue. Things to check:

  1. You are using Agent Ransack 2016
  2. Try searching for just the two files (without any containing text) just to make sure they appear
  3. Search for the text but without the quotes, just to check that the words are found in the documents.
  4. Add your quotes and try again.

If you're still stuck click 'Help-Generate Error Report' and tech support will have a look (but make sure you have followed step 1 before doing that).

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