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Hmm, not fully convinced yet. I am currently running 2014 Release Build 828 - 2014.11.21.59552 (x64)
I do see the content doesn't change when using AgentRansack, but...

I have a set of files created at around 02:40 am in CEST timezone on the morning of the 20th of October 2016.

I used AgentRansack on this set and it shows me different modified time stamps depending on the day I set my computer to.

Setting my date to October 28th (CEST during daylight saving time) AgentRansack will show me a modified time stamp of 2:40,
but having the current date set in Windows (NTFS) (to CET/winter time) instead of 2:40 AgentRansack shows 1:40 as the modified timestamp for the same file.

Windows Explorer does not show a difference though.

Not critical for myself, but a noticeable difference.
When explained this might be valuable for professional users of AgentRansack and FileLocator.

related to an answer for: How does Agent Ransack handle timezones?
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Perfect! Just tried the latest AR 2016 and all modified dates are showing OK now.
No matter the local time I set on the Windows box.
And I like the new highlighting of my search strings in the results.

1 Answer

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Agent Ransack 2016 has improved the way it handles file times, please use that instead of Agent Ransack 2014.

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