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I am running a search for "Containing Text" in a network shared drive. It will return all the PDFs that contain the text, but will not return any Word Documents that contain the text. I am getting Warnings:

Message: Primary search method failed, rad data search used.
Deatils: Loading Stream into filter failed: 0x8004170c (0x0) - :30

Is there anything special I need to be able to find text inside word documents?

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This normally indicates that the IFilter is either not working properly or the document it's trying to load is not a valid format. The Microsoft error code translates as:

FILTER_E_UNKNOWNFORMAT - The document format is not recognized by the filter.

Have you checked that the failed file is actually a Word document?

If you're getting this error with RTF files please see this answer:
RTF file searching is not working

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Yes, I can open the Word documents just fine.  I checked the IFilters Settings and the doc status is OK and the associated IFilter is Microsoft Office Persistent Handler.
Which version of Office are you running. You might need to update your IFilters.
Office Standard 2010. Ironically, if I look at the IFilters in the configuration screen, all the PDF Persistent Handlers IFilters show "Failed: 0x80004005". But the search seems to work fine for PDFs
PDF searching doesn't resly on IFilters but with DOC files it does (at least with Agent Ransack it does). Try upgrading your IFilters: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/kb/2687447
I installed the Microsoft Office 2010 Filter Packs:

I then installed the Service Pack from the link you provided:

I was still getting the errors. I uninstalled/re-installed FileLocator Lite and still getting the errors.
I have another user that is also getting them, and she's running Microsoft Office Standard 2013.

I just checked one of the Word Documents properties, and it's Microsoft Word 97 - 2003 Document (.doc). I'm assuming this is probably why FileLocator is having issues.  

I ran a test search on a directory that contains current .docx files, and they show up in the search results just fine.
I wonder if it's an old version of .DOC. If you create a new .doc file does that work?
Yes, it's a Microsoft Word 97 - 2003 Document (.doc). I converted one to a current version of .docx and the document does show up in the search results. So it looks like the FileLocator Lite does not like some versions of Microsoft Word 97 - 2003 Document (.doc)?

I also re-saved it as a Word 97-2003 (.doc) using my Office 2013, and it now shows up in the search results. Very odd.
It's not a problem with FLLite, it simply loads the file into the IFilter. On my machine FLLite can read .DOC files just fine. It's probably that the .DOC files in question are actually pre-97 Word files that the IFilter can't handle.
ok thank you. These are auto-generated document files, so I'll try to figure out how they are generated. Maybe we can update how they are saved out to something newer. Thanks for your help.
Have a look to see if they are actually text files with a .doc extension.