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Use the current version of FLPRo 8.0 B. 2677, I used the version 8.0 B. 2671 before.

Use search with file list with boolean method
There are different search entries, in total 64 lines
For example:
"Text1" NEAR:2 7>
LIKE "Text Texxxttt"
< Term1 > NEAR (< Term2 > NEAR:5 <88>) -> (without spaces after> <)

With the current version, however, the program gives far too many hits, a hundredfold. The result looks as if I had entered the search terms individually. So program untestried in HTML text every single "7", or "88", or "Text1". In the version 8.0 B. 2671 this has not happened. Have tried with all possible settings - without success. The INI-file from the version 8.0 B. 2671 to the current replaced, also without success.
What could be the problem?

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Which language localization are you using?

1 Answer

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There was no changes to the Boolean processing from 2671 to 2677 so it's probably connected with something else. The only thing I can think that could effect that sort of search is the language file, which dictates the spelling of keywords, such as NEAR.

Are you searching with the English language file?

Could you please send some sample files to support@mythicsoft.com so we can look at it?

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Thanks, the problem was actually in the German language file. The described case does not occur in English language version.