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First of all, I can't imagine my computer use without this program. I've been using it for years and, for what I do, I use it constantly. I just installed version 2016 (863). Now I remember that I had installed the previous version 2016 and undid it via system restore because the space used for tabs is unnecessary and distracting to me. I don't mind never updating the program again because of the tabs - it works great for me the way it was (version 2014 (828)). I got back to the 2014 version again this time via system restore but it keeps asking me if I want to review the new update. So, my question is can I turn off the use of tabs in the 2016 version or at least turn off the new update reminder in the 2014 version? Thanks.

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1 Answer

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You can turn off the update checking by switching OFF the 'Automatically check for updates' option in the Check for Updates dialog.

With regard to customizing the 'Search Tabs' option that, as with many other customization options, is only available in FileLocator Pro:

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Thanks, dave but I do apologize - I am referring to Agent Ransack - not FileLocator. I did/do not see similar options in either of the Agent Ransack versions.
The 'Automatically check for updates' is available in both Agent Ransack and FLPro but the UI Customization is only available in Pro.
Yes, I see it now - under Help -> Check for updates. I kept looking just in the Tools section. I didn't go to 'Check for updates' because I already knew what updates there were and didn't want them. Everything's good now though. Thanks! And thanks again for keeping this program available.