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Just updated from 2014 to the 2016 version the other day. But unfortunately now I seem not being able to search for the content of my all my *.URL files. For example:

for a specific folder and its subfolders list al URLs referring to the site phoronix.com. 

And that was a no-brainer with your 2014 version.

Am I missing something here or is it some coding oversight?

(Using Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium w all updates applied)

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Now that Agent Ransack 2016 uses ALL IFilters installed it's possible that you have a URL IFilter. You can check this out looking at the Configuration->IFilter Settings .

If you want the same behavior as Agent Ransack 2014 uncheck the Office/PDF documents option in the 'Options' tab.

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Yep - that did it.  And many thanks for a great application btw!