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Is there a way to exclude a directories by part of the name,
for example, directory name is: webpage1_files

Can all directories ending with _files to be excluded?
How to do it in "Multiple folders" options? Not in "Search filters off/on".

I tried with :bool:_files, and some other options but didn't work.

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1 Answer

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It looks like you were almost there. You should be able to do something as simple as:


The '-' prefix is the key to exclude any sub-path with the term '_files' in it.

More information:

The :bool: prefix is for when you want to specify the filter as a Boolean expression, e.g.

C:\Search\Root;-:bool:_files OR _folders
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I am sure I tried that as well, but on multiple folders\exclude folders dialog, not in main window\Look in.
Maybe it got altered in some way.
Now I tried it in main window\Look in and it works, thanks.