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Hi all,

I assume the title is clear.
It is about the check box "Office/PDF documents" in the group "Enhanced Document Searching" in the "Options" tab.

How do I set that via command line options in order to make SURE that is is turned ON when doing a command line initiated search?? Otherwise I could never be sure whether it is turned on or not, right?

This is the main missing feature in Agent Ransack for me. Otherwise the program is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thx so much.

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1 Answer

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The 'Enhanced Document Searching' is stored in the configuration settings. When you run a command line search it will load your configuration settings to determine if the option is on or off.

If you wanted to make sure that a search was starting with a BASE configuration you can load a previous search's configuration using the -pc option, e.g.

AgentRansack.exe BaseConfig.srf -pc
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Many thanks!