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In Text tab you added a very useful secondary text search (gray), including show next & previous arrow buttons

Found text is shown in cyan background at the right side of the text pane.

This is fully operational when searching for sufixes, but not so much in case of prefixes, because adjacent (variable) text is hidden outside the pane, so horizontal bar needs to be adjusted every time after clicking for new search, next or previous buttons

As a developer, I find FileLocator very useful to search almost every day for some text in SQL or XLSM files but most of times it's a prefix-kind-of-search

As you're using a fixed width font, it would be very easy to show the found text central character in the pane's horizontal center of the pane, instead of the rightmost column

This output will be very usefull for all prefix or plain or suffix kind of searching

If you've too much customers depending on the rightmost position, you can add a config parameter the same way several years ago you were very kind helping me with the tab size.

by (30 points)
Is this referring to when the text needs to be scrolled because it doesn't fit in the Window? A screenshot would be very useful?

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