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I'm trying to locate "MpSigStub.exe", an executable linked to Microsoft's MSE to which I found references in a log file, but to no avail. The file must be somewhere on my C drive, but FLP cannot seem to trace it down.

By sheer coincidence, I found the corresponding log file in C:\Windows\Temp.
At first, my machine wouldn't grant me access to this folder, but as I'm its (sole) administrator, I succeeded in accessing it anyway. Curiously, I next discovered that none of the files in that folder can be found by FLP.
Is there an explanation for this unexpected behaviour? How can I correct or avoid it?
Of course, I'm all of the sudden much less confident about FLP's striking power, wondering if the same phenomenon is making it impossible for me/FLP to find that executable as well.

I found a similar topic on this Forum:
but there the issue seems only a matter of 32/64 bit incompatibility, which I don't think is the case in my current issue.
(I'm using FLP 6.0 (x64) on a Win7 x64 machine)

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FileLocator Pro runs with the permissions of the user executing it. If the user does not have permissions to view the folder, e.g. they are unable to open the folder in Explorer, then FileLocator Pro won't be able to search it.

Running FileLocator Pro as Administrator, by right-clicking on it and choosing 'Run As Administrator', might sort your problem out although that does assume that your Administrator account has access to all files.

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