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At some point I defined an index that included all the files in a folder on partition T.

As soon as I did that, ALL my "containing text" searches stop making progress before they completed. Note that I wasn't (intentionally) searching the index (I was in Expert mode, not Index mode), and even "containing text" searches on other partitions (like partition C) would not complete successfully.

As soon as I deleted the index, the "containing text" searches worked fine again on all partitions. Why is that? Any ideas?



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1 Answer

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The index search and the normal 'file system' search are completely separate. The index is only used on an index search and isn't referenced at all in a normal search.

The only interactions I can think of is that if you were updating the index at the same time as searching it might have slowed things down a bit, or if you were low on disk space it's possible that deleting the index released some disk space required by a normal search, e.g. for temporary files.

Please re-start the computer and try your non-indexed search again. If that fails send an error report to support.

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