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Hey...so I want to get a list from a folder that has hundreds and hundreds of files...the thing is that I have the folder and inside the folder, there is another folder (with other relevant data) and still inside there is a zip file which now contains some "COMPRESSED File" Type of files. How can I search for all of the "processed" files on a huge tree directory?

Filename has this format: 8146152041f288cffbd44f8e0612.tmp.processed

When I search, I use the search option below and it brings only one result...I know there are hundreds but for some reason is not finding them. Any help in how to do this will be much much appreciated! enter image description here

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1 Answer

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ZIP searching is only available in FileLocator Pro.

Using FileLocator Pro you first switch ON the ZIP extension in the Compressed Files tab (you'll need to switch to Expert mode) and can then run your search.

ZIP Interpreter

The '+.zip' at the end of your Look In value restricts searching locations to those that have '.zip' in their path.

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Thank you! I realized that I dont have the compressed files option like you do...I have the free version
Ah, I should've spotted that.
It's well worth buying the Pro version :-)