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Hi I am evaluating FileManager Pro for a customer

Creating an index and see on the Summary: Invalid Index (0x8004160a) and I don't seem to find any info. on it. Is there anything I have to do?

Is there any limitation on the size of the folder to be indexed? I have a 5TB network drive and it's been indexing for the last 2+ days, I cancelled it and started over but with a a subfolder which may be half the size and changed to index Files only as opposed to Files and Email. Are there any way to speed up indexing? Best Practices, etc.?


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1 Answer

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As with evaluating all product functionality we recommend that you first try the search/index on a small subset of data.

The "Invalid Index (0x8004160a)" is normally concerned with the index not yet being ready to search, is it possible that the index hadn't yet been created? If you'd like more information please click Help->Generate Error Report.

The key to speeding up indexing is both the speed of access to the source data and also the speed of access to the index database location. If both are located on network drives then the index process will be much slower than when they are located on local drives, especially if those local drives are SSD based (a recent benchmark test showed 200,000 emails without attachments being indexed in just over 150 seconds).

Obviously indexing complex formats like PDF will also take much longer than normal text files.

Finally, the amount of RAM on the indexing computer also helps as it reduces the number of 'flushing' that needs to be done.

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