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Whenever I click on any of the search results. I get the following error

'The Windows Shell could not create a context menu for the selected files. Would you like to continue with a restricted context menu'

Any way to correct this, I am guessing windows itself is to blame for this.

Windows 10 pro 64 bit OS

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Are these searches local? e.g. C:\Windows?
The error pops up on any search, whether local or on network shares
This is something that is normally handled by Windows so it does look like a problem with your installation. If you click 'Help->Generate Error Report' from within the program we can see if there's anything obviously wrong.
Thanks for the help, I am experiencing other problems related to the Windows installation, i.e it is throwing BSOD on a regular basis, so I am going to do a fresh install  and see if that cures the problems I am seeing
Hello, I'm also having this issue with Agent Ransack. It worked fine just yesterday, but for whatever reason it now gives me the error OP mentioned above. Additionally, none of the restricted context menu options work. I tried a full uninstall/reinstall, but no luck.

Also running Win10 pro 64 bit.
Did you 'Generate Error Report'?
I am also getting this error in Agent Ransack in windows 10
Release Build 867 - 2017.03.02.44979 (x64)
I cant say when this started happening
Ive submitted an error report
Its annoying rather than fatal, beacuse the "restricted context menu" is all I need.
Strangely google gives me NO other references to this error message
Could you please try FileLocator Lite and see if you get the same issue: https://www.mythicsoft.com/filelocatorlite/download/

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The issue occurs when the program asks the Windows Shell for a context menu but the Shell is unable to provide one. Before trying anything else one of the first things to try is a reboot.

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