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enter image description hereUse the version FLPRo 8.0 B. 2657 64x bit.
I am confused by the results using the boolean search, with the option "Across whole file", for example:

"Example word groupe" NEAR:1500 (Text1 OR Text2 OR Text3)

In result also happens that only the first part of the search term appears as a hit. I am of the opinion that the result should only be displayed if all control admixtures are met and not when a part is filled with it. Perhaps my search parameters are not right?
So when search results then comes "Example word groupe", without Text1 or Text2 or Text3.

the program finds beyond the right search results, for example, :

Example word groupe unimportant unimportant
unimportant, unimportant, unimportant,
unimportant, unimportant, unimportant.

But as I said the results are not always right, see picture

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Could you please send a sample file to support@mythicsoft.com so we can reproduce the problem?

1 Answer

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The expected behaviour is that the quoted group with at least one of the terms will be in the results (as you show in your last example).

If that's not happening could you please post a screenshot showing an example?

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