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The new indexing feature in FLP 8 is great (for those times when using an index is suited, and thanks for implementing it in that optional way!) But in using it the first time I have run into a couple of snags.

FWIW, I chose to test it first with a folder of Outlook PST files, thinking that would be a great use of the index (do it once, benefit for a long time), but:

  • First and foremost, it's taking a very long time. It does happen to be about 160g of them, spread over 15 files, so I understand that it will take a while (now about 12 hours, and it seems it may be only 20% done judging by the files I've observed it having processe)

  • Related to that, there doesn't seem to be any means to pause the indexing. We can cancel it, sure, but that will stop it and (according to the docs) roll the index back to its previous state (which for me would be no index at all). Have you considered an option to let us pause it? Or stop and restart it? I do realize that is challenging if the underlying directory to be indexed may change, but that's really already a factor if the indexing operation may take hours, days, or weeks

  • FInally, if you would let us pause it, might you re-evaluate the "specific locations" value when re-starting it? That way, if we may realize that there is a file/pattern we want to add or remove, to refine the search, it might then let us refine the index while it's being built (it would be nice, of course, if it would remove the indexed content if the new location string would suggest that, but I realize that may be a tougher nut to crack.)

Again, I'm encouraged by the new indexing feature, and years of experience of your magic suggests that if there is a way to optimize its performance you'll do it at some point. I realize indexing PSTs may simply be a slow process, and I'm willing to suffer it.

I (and I suspect others as they may use it) would just like to be able to pause it and perhaps let it run overnight or on weekends, so as not to steal all the i/o bandwidth and memory that indexmanager.exe does while it's chugging along. :-)

Any thoughts welcome.

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1 Answer

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It's an interesting idea, which I'll add to the Issue Tracker. As you correctly point out it is a technically challenging, especially if the re-start occurs sometime later, but not insurmountable.

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