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Is it also possible with a Boolean search method, if yes, then how? Because I have a file list, that is based on a Boolean search method. The change just because a pair of keywords on a file list of regular expression would be very time consuming.

For example:

Keyword1 NEAR:300 (Keyword2 OR Keyword3 OR ("foo" NOT ("foo.com" OR "foo<\")) OR Keyword5)

not worked.

The kombination with "foo" to be regarded as Keyword4

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I'm not sure if I completely follow your question but you can specify that a term is a regular expression in a Boolean expression using the REGEX operator, e.g.

REGEX "foo(?!(.com|<\\))"

which can be combined with other terms, e.g.

Keyword1 NEAR:300 (Keyword2 OR REGEX "foo(?!(.com|<\\))")
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