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I'm using FileLocator Pro 8 because it has support for multi-line Regex searches. Unfortunately, the Keyword Summary Report for multi-line Regex search is hard to scan/interpret because there is no visual separation or separator between the results. I've attached a brief example (image). Though I normally run these reports on much larger data sets, even this simple example shows how unfriendly the output is, and how hard it is to separate one result from the next. Now imagine this report with 400 results... it's almost impossible to interpret!

KeyWord Summary Report for Multi-Line Regex search

Can Mythicsoft please introduce a visual separation or separator between results for this report? It would make the underlying functionality infinitely more valuable!



ps: the following image is associated with my response to Dave's reply (see below)

enter image description here

pps: the following image is associated with my final post after the functionality was updated by Dave and his team

enter image description here

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How would you display this. Would you like the multi-line result concatenated onto the same line?
[Sorry, I posted and re-edited this post several times!]

Dave, yes, concatenation of each result would be really great!  I hope it's possible.

BTW, concatenation would like also likely solve a problem with the way Sequence IDs work in Key Summary Reports for multi-line Regex searches.  As far as I can tell, FLP 8 now assigns a Sequence ID to each separate line of text returned in in multi-line search, rather than each separate search result.  I'm pretty sure that is not an intentional/designed behavior, but an artifact of extending FLP to support multi-line searches.  Hopefully, concatenation would fix that problem as well.

I've include a screenshot of what I mean at the bottom of my original post.

Thanks, Jay
I agree. We'll sort it out.
Dave, that sounds great, and based on the quality of FLP overall, I'm sure you'll do a great job.  I would hope, however, that whatever improvements you have in mind preserve the core ability to identify (and count) *unique* search results. That core capability is gob-smackingly valuable!  Thanks for you help and comments,

Please try the latest version (Build 2653) and see if that helps.

1 Answer

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Updated 11 May 2015

The keyword summary reports have been updated to concatenate lines on multi-line regex matches so that they provide useful information.

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This is great!!!!  Just what I was looking for!  Thanks for listening, thanks for responding, and thanks for letting me know!


ps: for anyone interested, I'm attaching an image of the updated report to the bottom of the original post.