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I'd like to use FileLocator Pro on a terminal server but need to do some restrictions, i.e. restrict C:.

At the moment the program opens up with the C:\ drive default. I would like to hide the C:\ drive and remove it from the drop down list. Ideally I'd like it disabled but if that's not possible I am OK if they type it manually.

Instead of the the C:\ default I'd like it to default to our Profile drive of P:\ and also have that in the list. It'd be even better for something like P:\PD\%USERNAME%\ in my case specifically.

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From version 2022 (Build 3326) it is possible to restrict the searchable paths in the product using policies. The search path is validated against the following two registry policy values:


Both are regular expressions stored as strings (REG_SZ) that are used to match against search paths. To enter multiple paths separate the regexes with a semi-colon, which has the following affect:

AllowedSearchPaths: When multiple paths are specified ALL paths must match for the path to be searchable.

DisabledSearchPaths : When multiple paths are specified if any path matches the path is not searchable.

Note: Path restrictions is a Pro feature.


To restrict searches to only C and D drive use AllowedSearchPaths:


or to search just the C:\Users folder:


Note the 'escaping' of the backslash character since the value is matched as a regular expression.

To allow all searches except C drive use DisabledSearchPaths:


To disable any use of directory traversal double dots '..' use:

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