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I'm looking to replace Copernic with FileLocator Pro for a client, now that you have Indexed searching.

In my tests, I had a couple of questions, and a comment:

a) How do I turn off "Search as you Type?" - It starts searching automatically rather than waiting for me to type 'start'. This behaviour is cited in the manual, but is not the default on the Expert or Basic search screens.

b) Will you add an option to input a file extension for Index searches? This can significantly narrow the search down.

c) With a shared index located on a file share, what happens if user 7 of 9 decides to update the index?

d) Comment - While I like the Index search interface, I think it should look as close as possible to the Basic search.

Great work. I had been recommending this tool to many of my clients, but now with the shareable index feature I can recommend it to many more as their primary search tool.

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1 Answer

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a) Update: The latest version of FileLocator Pro supports turning OFF "Search as you type" in Configuration->Search Settings.

b) Yes, it's planned to add a feature to narrow down file types, file names, and file dates.

c) When a user updates the index other users already using the index keep the version that they're using. Once the update has been committed any future requests will retrieve the new index version. Old index versions are purged as locks are removed.

d) We did think about this and in future we might allow an index to be specified in the 'Look In' field. For the first version we wanted to keep it separate and get a feel for how customers want to use the indexing feature.

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