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I'd like to have shell extensions available with the portable version, is that possible?

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Although the portable version of FileLocator Pro states:

"FileLocator Pro is configured for operation from a USB device. Shell
settings cannot be set."

I created the following .reg file if anyone wants to run a portable version of FileLocator from their context menu. They just have to enter the current path for their portable copy and execute the .reg file to create context menu options.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

;this file allows programs that are portable to be in context menu

@="Open with FileLocator"

@="\"C:\\portable\\FileLocator Pro7.5.2113\\FileLocatorPro.exe\" -d \"%V\"\\"

@="Open with FileLocator"

@="\"C:\\portable\\FileLocator Pro7.5.2113\\FileLocatorPro.exe\" -d \"%V\"\\"
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