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We have a large website that I would like to be able to search files. I am not able to turn on file and print sharing on this server, and also cannot install FileLocator directly on it.

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It sounds like the search would need to run on the web server but you can do that without actually installing FileLocator Pro on to it. Install FileLocator Pro portable to a network share that the web server can see (or a USB drive) and then run the search from the web server either using the GUI or the command line, e.g.

\\Server\Apps\FLPro\FileLocatorPro.exe MySearch.srf -o "\\Server\Results\Search1.txt"

If you're using Remote Desktop Connection and allow access to your local drives during the session you can run the program straight from your local drive:

Allow the remote computer to access the following resources on my computer

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Thanks Dave.  But I don't have physical access to the server, and can't install anything on any of its shares.  I can remote to it using Remote Desktop Connection.  I was hoping that I could access it from running FileLocator from my PC.
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Yes I do that; I didn't realize my local drives were shares.  So you are saying that FileLocator Pro can be installed into a regular folder (or USB)?  That sounds like it would work.
It works great.  Thanks Dave.