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Is there a way of getting FLP to search inside java class files? There are a number of programs that can convert class files into java.

Moreover, class files tend to be inside jar files. Is it possible to get FLP to first uncompress the jar file, then decompile the class files?

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1 Answer

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FileLocator Pro can search in JAR files, which as you point out are zip files, just make sure that you have activated 'ZIP' searching in the Compressed Files tab.

However, there's no de-compiling functionality to turn the .class files back into Java source code.

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Thanks dave. If I have a command line utility that takes a .class file and returns a .java file, what would be the best way to wire it up to FLP? Should I write a plugin or is there a simpler way? (Keeping in mind that the file has to be detected and unzipped from the jar)
Not in the current version, but v8 (due out soon) will allow you to specify a custom command to run on a given file extension (e.g. .class). If you'd like to test it out send an email to support@mythicsoft.com and they can provide you with a beta version.
Thanks dave, sounds great