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I recently upgraded my deskside PC from Windows 8.1 x64 to Windows 10, which may, or may not be relevant. Everything is working well except for Agent Ransack and I can't figure out why.

If I open the Agent and click on Start, it shows all the files in the folder as "Checked" but never finds a match for any folder. Even if the File name and Containing fields are empty.

I tried clicking on the Reset to Default Configuration button on the Configuration tab without any change in behavior. I also tried uninstalling Build 828 and reinstalling with a freshly downloaded copy. Still no change. I did notice that after the reinstall, started showing the last folder I had searched, prior to the uninstall.

I'm lost. How should I proceed?

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1 Answer

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Please see this QA article:

Agent Ransack search has stopped working

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OK.  Since I've already thoroughly checked that there aren't any constraints set, and I did an uninstall, reinstall and reset to default cycle, the probable cause in the referenced QA article doesn't seem to apply to my situation.  So I'll try contacting technical support.

Yes, if you've done a 'File->New->Blank Search' test and it still doesn't find anything contact tech support.
I had not done a  'File->New->Blank Search', and that fixed it.  Thanks!

I'll retract the request I sent to tech support next.

Again - Thank You!