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I can't get RegEx to work in FileLocator.


should match files conatining only nullbytes (at least 1 byte filesize) from my understanding, but it does not.

Does not even match "files starting with a nullbyte"

Can someone help me whats wrong with my understanding?

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Characters in the range 0x00-0x1F (excluding tab) are stripped from the input stream before any content matching occurs.

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This is not denoted in the documentation, is it?

Well, I could try for years to find the expression then. But why is a file cotaining only NULs matched by "[x]+" ? If the NULs are stripped, the file should be empty and not match "at least 1 occurence of the letter x" ?
Is it finding the expression in the file name, e.g. the 'x' in .txt?
Possibly - but "Containing text" is not supposed to match the file name, is it?
It depends on the 'Include file name in content search' setting in the Configuration->Search settings.
It is under "character processing" not "search settings" - and enabled by default.
Good to know that. As I really love that tool, it would be nice to have at least the option to search 0x0-0x1f. I used grepWin for that job now.