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I am using FileLocator Network and I am attempting to locate any directory where the directory name contains a name

example: Frozen

should find directories like this:


but it doesn't appear to be working, any suggestions? I think it must use regex to perform the search?

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I'm not sure what the problem is, it looks like it worked, ie it found directories with the name 'frozen'.
Dave the example is what I'm trying to get. It didn't locate any directories only files.

1 Answer

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By default FileLocator Network will search by Files AND Folders, as long as you don't have any criteria that depends on the contents of the file, such as Containing Text.

So your search should be something like this:

File name:          frozen                | DOS Expression |
Containing Text:
Look In:            $(AllLocalDrives)

To limit the search to ONLY folders set the Folder value in the Attributes tab:

Folder:  ON

To narrow down any issues try running the search with JUST the Attributes tab Folders value to make sure all folders are being returned.

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