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Using FileLocator Pro V7.5 Win7 x64

  1. Create an empty file named: "mythicsoft.txt" in an empty folder (this should be the only file in the folder)
  2. Search the empty folder:
    a. File Name: {empty}
    b. Containing Text: "mythicsoft" (or the entire file name of "mythicsoft.txt")
    c. Look in: {empty folder from above}
  3. The search results include the empty file.

Is this the intended behavior of FileLocator Pro? re: "Containing Text" also includes file names that match the search?

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1 Answer

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This behavior is defined by the setting Include file name in content search in Configuration->General->Search Settings:

Search Settings

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IMO, this should be disabled by default. When I was searching for specific text, a filename with the text was found (along with a dozen other matches), but not the actual text in the file; this seems like a false result by default, re: I spent a several minutes just trying to figure out why the result was relevant and the only conclusion I could come up with was the filename matched.