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Hello, I used to have FileLocator Pro going on windows 7, and it worked brilliantly.
But recently, I updated to Windows 10, and found that the filesize filter disappeared.
Whether to change the zoom in/out option, it's the same.

enter image description here

When I get customized dpi to 125%(not the setting of windows 10 but a ruler like dialog), I can barely see the filesize filter. And the language setting does not effect on this.

enter image description here

Maybe this can be fixed in the next version?

Thank you.

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1 Answer

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FileLocator Pro v7 should work just fine on Windows 10. Here's an example with custom scaling factor set to 110%:

Windows 10

Are you using the latest version of FileLocator Pro and are there any other customizations of the UI? It looks like the fonts might have been changed?

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Maybe it's the font problem. I'm using a Chinese version Windows 10. But it was fresh installed just yesterday, without any third-party UI modification.
Could you tell me the font you're using? I'll give it a test.
My font is Microsoft YaHei UI. It's the default font for Chinese Windows 10.
Was this on the same computer that it was previously installed on or a new computer with Windows 10.
Yes, it is. And it's not a update installation.
Could you please send an email to support@mythicsoft.com. There's a beta version of the product that might sort out this issue.