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I was looking for files on my system related to the piece of music "The Shepherd's Farewell". I probably wouldn't have included an apostrophe in the filename, but who knows what a download might have done?

I searched on File name: shepherd AND farewell – no hits.

So then, as a test of a boolean search, I searched for Files containing: shepherd AND farewell — this found a few files, but not the one I was looking for.

Am I right in presuming that file name searches don't use the boolean notation?

I'm reasonably handy with regular expressions: File Name: shepherd.farewell but I'm not ready to turn them on by default.
… and of course the simple

So, where do I stand on boolean filename searching?

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1 Answer

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I'm guessing that you're using Agent Ransack since FileLocator Pro has a Boolean File name option.

Agent Ransack's default file name searching uses DOS style expressions, e.g. *.txt;*.doc. However, Agent Ransack has 'extended' DOS functionality to allow for some basic Boolean operations. To search for multiple words in a file name regardless of order try this:


If you wanted to find either word you'd search for:

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