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In your help file there are command parameter which are not explained:

FileLocatorPro.exe [saved search] | -o [output file] | -oa | -oc | -ol [num] | -oe? | -of? | -os | -d [folder name] | -c [containing text] | -f [file name] | -cm | -fm | -s | -fd | -fx | -cr | -pa | -po | -ma [datetime] | -mb [datetime] | -h | -?

The parameters -fd and -cr are not explained.

If i try the parameter -po ".srf" i get an error. Could you give me an example how to use this parameter?

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-fd and -cr are deprecated parameters from earlier versions of the software.

-fd = File name DOS Expression (now -fed)
-cr = Containing text Regular Expression (now -cex)

-po is a flag that indicates if a value is found in the SRF file AND the command line the one from the command line should be used, e.g. to ensure the value *.txt is used for the file name when loading a SRF file:

FileLocatorPro.exe "C:\SavedSearch.srf" -f "*.txt" -po
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