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Using the latest version of the program FLPro 7.5 (2109) and Windows 7 64bit, 2GB RAM.

I'm having problems searching among a large collection of XSLX files (the size of the XLSX files range from 11 MB to 35 MB). When I run a search I'm seeing FLPro using all the RAM and memory management settings don't see to change this.

However, if I only search a single large XLSX file (35MB) there doesn't appear to be any problems.

How can I search a large collection of large XLSX files without using all the RAM?

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1 Answer

0 votes

Since FileLocator Pro will, by default, use all available threads for searching it's very possible you have up to eight simultaneous conversions of XLSX files to text, which on a 2GB machine might be too much.

I recommend you try reducing the number of search threads to 1 and see if that helps.

Also, if you're running recurring searches over the same group of XLSX files I strong recommend that you switching on Caching which will have a huge effect on search times.

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Thanks, reducing the number of search threads to 1 has helped the search both files is fast and the program does not freeze. Still have additionally the cache increased from 51,200 to 102,000 KB. Thereafter, the program also behaves as it should be.