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I tried "FileLocatorLite" 2014 build828 in:

  • WinXP-SP3 (German) without MS-Office, without and with current "FilterPack32bit.exe".
  • Win7-64pro-SP1 (German) with MS-Office2010-32bit, without and with current "FilterPack64bit.exe".

FileLocatorLite finds text e.g. in ".doc" and ".docx" as expected, but not in ".docm" (in all the 22 test cases mentioned above). I either see nothing or garbage (binary or compressed data displayed as text?) with the short text in it, but the text is not really in the document (in my example it was "etc").

PS.: I could provide a simple example and screen shot of the wrong search result - but I don't see an option to attach some file here.

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Duplicate question. Please see:

Q: Search for dotm, docm... by containing text

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