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SO using MDT you can add applications that you want to install as part of an custom image. I wanted to do this for Agent Ransack using Microsoft admin tool you can take the exe file and create an msi file. while in MDT you click on applications and point it to the msi file however there is a command line code that is required. using the standard for most applications doesn't work for agent ransack.

msiexec /I application name.msi /passive

if there is a solution to this please let me know I have tried several variables.

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The MSI files are now available free of charge on the download page:

More information on silent deployment here:
Is it possible to install Agent Ransack in an unattended mode

More information here:

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We already have the .msi file, we just need the command line used when deploying the msi silently via a wim file custom boot disk image.
I've updated the answer to include the link for silent install using the Mythicsoft MSI. The EXE does not support silent install.
We followed those instruction sets and it still doesn't work. Thank you
Could you please contact support@mythicsoft.com so we can check that we've sent you the correct MSI.