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Hi, I too need a portable version of Agent Ransack. I want to use it from a USB key attached to a random PC. It won't be installed (as such) on either device. I just want a minimal portable version on the USB key.

The difference between my need, and the OP's need, is that I plan to drive the portable version programatically, ie. in command-line mode, "behind the scenes". I won't ever be using the portable version's normal UI. So none of the normal UI things are relevant. Eg. I don't care whether the portable version does or doesn't remember the last search performed - because each search will be driven programatically, and the UI won't be displayed anyway.

I've tried the following approach, which is similar to, but not exactly the same as, what you said to the OP. It seems to work fine:

  1. Install Agent Ransack to folder 'A'.
  2. Create new folder 'B'.
  3. Copy agentransack.exe from 'A' to 'B'.
  4. Copy all .dll files from 'A' to 'B'.

'B' is now the portable version. I didnt copy any other files or subfolders, and I didn't do anything else like "change the folder information in Configuration -> Folders Settings".

As far as I can see, the portable version in 'B' works fine when driven programatically. It doesn't seem to update any files in 'A', so I'm assuming that it's totally independent of 'A' (though I haven't yet tried uninstalling 'A' then trying 'B' again). And the installed version of Agent Ransack still works fine (as you'd expect).

Does this sound ok? I'm currently using Agent Ransack version Release Build 762 - 2010.03.29.47911.


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That should work fine, as long as it's only for your use. However, Mythicsoft would have a problem if this is a packaging up of Agent Ransack for inclusion in another product.

Think of it like this... Agent Ransack is an advert for Mythicsoft. So we're more than happy for it to be installed and visible to the end user for both commercial or personal use, it's only when its use is hidden from the end user that we have a problem. It's perfectly fine to use the functionality of Agent Ransack to enhance a commercial or in-house product as long as the end-user has the full install and therefore access to Agent Ransack outside of the 3rd party product.

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Hi Dave, thanks for your answer. No, I use it in a file backup utility of my own design for my own use. I guess I'd give it to a friend if asked, but I have zero plans to commercialize that utility. I commercialkized some of my software once, and once was enough! :-)

None the less, just so I'm clear: I thought you guys were happy for agent ransack to be used in commercial products? Is it just a packaging thing (eg. my packaging method doesn;t copy the help file or licence text)? Cheers
I've updated the answer to explain our position in a little more detail. Does that help?
Thanks, I understand now. Not sure where I got my previous understanding from. PS. great job having a staff expert monitor this forum & answer questions promptly. Pity some larger firms can't do this! (hello MS)  Cheers