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I'm using FileLocator Pro 7.5 Bulid 2107 with Windows 7 64 bit and appear to be having problems with the Boolean search.

If I search for "Mar?us" in DOC and DOCX files nothing is found, but it should find "Markus" and the term "Marcus". The option with wildcards (* ,?) is enabled. However, if I search for "Marku?" or "?arkus" then the search works just fine with DOC and DOCX files the terms "Markuz" or "Barkus". Why would it not work in the middle of the text?

I don't think it's a problem with Boolean Search as it works just fine with PDF files.

Can you help me?

The following important settings:

File name: .doc -> DOS expression
Containing text: -> Boolean

Option Boolean expression: Line by Line
Allow Wildcards (* ,?) --> is activated

Status IFilters doc and docx is --> OK
Use Indexing srvice filter (if availabe) is --> disabled.

Have tried with these settings, but without result.


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Thanks for the screenshot, it makes all the difference. A fix is now available.

1 Answer

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Update: 16 Oct 2015

The problem has been fixed in version 7.5 - build 2109.

More information

The problem occurred due to the way the wildcard character '?' was being handled. If the word was the last word on the line (and no space after it) a mid-word '?' wasn't processing the end of the word correctly and not finding the match.

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