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I am aware of the capability to search strings that are listed in a file. Can I also use a boolean method to have a more detailed search ?

Example for the field 'Containing text':

Containing Text: =C:\string_to_search.txt   AND   "FPGA Rev 0x16"

'string_to_search.txt' contains serial numbers such as NS123456 NS98765, etc., each of the serial numbers are on one line.

I tried the method above (in the Example) but an error shows up.

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Sorry, my first answer was inaccurate. It's been corrected.

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Update: Yes, you can do it but it's not immediately obvious and is limited to simple keyword lists. Try this:

Containing Text: DOSEX "=C:\string_to_search.txt" AND "FPGA Rev 0x16"

As long as your keyword list is simple, ie as you describe NS123456 NS98765, etc., this will work as they'll be converted to a DOS style expression:


which is equivalent to:

NS123456 OR NS98765

Why does this work?

It works because DOS Expressions allow compounding of file lists (file lists with file lists) and concatenation of file lists, e.g.


Ultimately version 8 of the product will accept a new keyword FILELIST so that you can do something like: FILELIST "C:\string_to_search.txt" AND "FPGA Rev 0x16" with Boolean expressions.

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