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I'm searching an entire drive (which is almost 4 TB) with just a containing text string and a few exclusions on a couple of folders on the drive. This search displays the correct data size (in GB) when finished. When I change the search to look at all compressed file types (the boxes are all checked), the data measurement is a ridiculous number, to a measurement I'm not even sure exists yet. Did I break something? Is the tool counting things differently now? Any help would be appreciated!

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1 Answer

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The problem is probably down to a problem with PST searching that was fixed in a recent update. Check that you are running the most recent version and if it still persists please add a comment/update question.

answered by (66.7k points)
I have checked and I'm currently using the most recent version of FileLocator Pro. I'm not sure exactly why the tool is doing this.
If you just do a blank search, ie no file name or containing text, are there any very large files listed.
The whole directory structure is listed as if you were clicking on it through Windows Explorer.
Sure, but if you sort by the Size is there any file that seems unusually large?
Not that I can see. I would send a screenshot but the network I'm scanning on is separate from my email's network.
You can sort by the file size to see the largest size. Does it look like the sum of the file sizes is not the same as the reported summary size?
Yes, Exactly. The total sum of the file sizes is over 11 million files, 3.76 TB. However; the Summary Tab (while searching or when paused/stopped) is displaying a number like (24567689790 GB)
If you only search in, for example, ZIP files does it happen? Are you searching PST files?
No, and No. I DO have all of the compressed file types checked however
I imagine it's a single compressed type, such as GZIP, but the only way I can think of identifying the problem is to try them one by one.